The S.S. Jarvis is the name of the ship that the Mrs. Women and Mr. Men cruise on.



The S.S. Jarvis was only a canoe back then, but we can still call it the S.S. Jarvis because Mrs. Jarvis is the captain!! She and Miss Menzies are taking a dangerous ride, and Miss Menzies survives, while Mrs. Jarvis drowns.


In Boats, the S.S. Jarvis became an ocean liner. Mr. Parsons is trying to warn the captain, (Mrs. Jarvis of course) that they should stay clear of iceburgs. In the end, they hit one, and sink, and Mrs. Jarvis won't believe him that her ship is sinking but she handed a floating bed after her ship was sunk (which the top of the bow gets exploded). Mr. Parsons gets saved by Mrs. Lutterloch and Mrs. Jones.


The S.S. Jarvis' first mate is seen for the very first time (Mr. Calderwood) and he tells Mrs. Jarvis that they're sinking, but being Mrs. Jarvis, Mrs. Jarvis goes under with her ship.

Out To SeaEdit

The name S.S. Jarvis is revealed, and Mr. Moore is taking Mrs. Jarvis (captain), Mr. Calderwood (first mate), Miss Menzies (reporter), and Mrs. Jones (camera woman) to see the THREE times sunk, S.S. Jarvis. Of course, Mrs. Jarvis says her boat never sank, and she sank the tub.